Juiced PC Racing Game Free Download

Juiced PC Racing Game Free Download
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Juiced is a racing video game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and mobile phone. The game was delayed for release in 2004 because its original publisher, Acclaim, went bankrupt. Juice Games and Fund 4 Games retained the i.p ownership and sold the game to THQ, who funded the project for a further 6 months to make improvements.
In early 2006, British software publisher Focus Multimedia re-released the PC version of Juiced at a new budget price as part of its "Essential" games range.
The game offers different modes including career and arcade that present the player with challenges of increasing difficulty. A player can customize the car to suit their style and unlock new ones in arcade mode. The game features nitrous, similar to that of other racing games. This can be particularly useful when the player is behind an opponent or behind time; the AI can use nitrous oxide as well.
The game system was developed at the same time as Need for Speed: Underground (which was released first and is inspired by the Shutokō Battle series),[citation needed] but the racing styles are realistic, similar to PlayStation's Gran Turismo. Damage is distinctively visible in Juiced, and must be repaired before the player can tune up the car.
The game went to number 1 in the UK MCV Charts and the first version sold 2.5 million units across the various skus.

The player can select a variety of visual and performance modifications. These customization options provide a personalized and unique car to suit the player’s needs. The gameplay includes career, arcade, sprint, race, solo, and cruise modes, as well as a new show-off mode in which tricks keep the crowd entertained.
Juiced included a nitrous button, a feature seen in other games such as Need for Speed: Underground, which was useful if the player needed a little boost to catch up with the competition.
The original version of Juiced affords 6 game modes:
Career – This is the main point of the game – to race so the player can clock the game.
Arcade – This is where the player goes against a variety of race types using specific cars.
Sprint – This mode is a drag race against 3 other AI-driven cars for 3 rounds - the best in all of 3 rounds wins.
Race – This mode is simply to race around the track with 5 other AI-driven cars, and beat them.
Point-to-Point – This mode is a point A to B race.
Cruise – This mode is where player is able to freely drive around a selected track, with no time limits or lap counts (Pre-lease version only).
Show-off – In this mode the player drive around the track and perform tricks such as a "burnouts", 360-degree "doughnuts" and so on, to keep the crowd entertained.
The game has different soundtrack and intro, which contains exclusive song.

System Requirement: 
  • CPU: 933Mhz 
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 
  • RAM: 256MB 
  • Hard Free Space: 2.6GB 
  • VGA Card Memory: 32MB 
  • Direct x: 9.0c 


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