Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Pc Game Free Download

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Pc Game Free Download DOWNLOAD


Tony Hawk's is a computer and video game series endorsed by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, developed by Neversoft (1999–2007)[1] and Robomodo (2008–present), and published by Activision.

Throughout the series, the gameplay remains generally the same, with small changes. In general, the basic controller configuration is mapped as such: the bottom face button of the controller is reserved for ollies, the left face button is for flip tricks, the right face button is for grab tricks, and the top face button is for rail and lip tricks. While on the ground, the ollie button is held down in order to store momentum for catching more air off a kicker or quarterpipe, released at the last possible second that the wheels are in contact with the surface to maximize lift. While airborne, the flip and grab buttons are combined with a directional input to execute tricks (grab tricks, once executed, can be held for more points by holding the grab button but must be released before returning to the ground or result in a bail). During air tricks, the skater can be spun front or backside by holding left or right, increasing the score each time a 180 turn is successfully completed. While skating on the ground, approaching a rail or lip edge will allow the skater to slide along it by pressing the grind button, with grind or slide variations based on how the surface was approached and a direction held. As the skater is grinding, pressing left or right will balance them and allow them to maintain the slide. Coming up to a quarterpipe lip at a 90-degree angle and pressing the grind button will execute a lip trick. Stringing together multiple tricks results in a "combo": a score that combines the total value of all the tricks executed in the same string multiplied by the number of tricks performed. Later games introduced moves specifically designed to create longer combos. Skating "switch" (meaning opposite the skater's native stance) results in a point bonus for the physical difficulty (as the skater's stats are lowered whilst in switch stance, unless the "Switch" stat itself is upgraded to its max). Trick point values decrease the more a trick is performed in the same session, requiring variety. To extend combos, players can use the manual to link tricks together while moving between physically separated ramps or rails, and the revert which consists of making a 180° spin as soon as the skater hits the ground after a vert trick.
As tricks are successfully executed, a meter in the upper left of the interface fills. When maxed out, you are able to perform "Special tricks" by using a more complex set of inputs. Special tricks earn more points but are generally more risky. Bailing (failing a trick) results in a loss of the current combo and any points that might have been earned as well as any Special meter energy.
In career mode, the player picks a pro skater and goes through the game's levels completing various goals. These usually include collecting the letters SKATE in an area, collecting the letters COMBO in a single trick chain, skating through gaps, collecting/breaking five items of the same object, completing high score marks and capturing a video tape placed in a hard-to-reach place. In early games, the player has only 2 minutes to go through the level and must complete as many goals as possible. This would later be replaced by allowing players to freely skate the level and to perform goals at any time. Other modes of play include Free Skate (skating without a time limit in order to explore the stage), Single Session (a two-minute session with no objectives to complete, allowing the player to simply skate for points), and Multiplayer.


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