Max Payne 1 Pc Game Download Free 250mb Free Download

Max Payne 1 Pc Game Download Free 250mb Free Download
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Gameplay Overview of Max Payne 1

One of most played game in childhood was Max Payne 1. Still large number of game lovers like to play it. This was because of the game plot. Action moves in this game were out class. The unique game story was very famous. Secondly graphics were improved a lot in this game. This lifted the game and it became one of the best seller. Game involves slow motion action of bullets as well.

In start of game only one pistol is available to main player. Later on player find new weapons which are very advance in game. When slow motion event is triggered then Max Payne can even see bullets which enable him to perform some special action moves.  The chapters in game get more difficult from time to time. The maps are provided which help to navigate in building. Max Payne has to find the murderers who kill his wife. The story begins when Max Payne experience flash backs from Past. He is actually an ex police officer. After completing this game try Max Payne 3 for your PC….

Max Payne 1 PC Game Features

You can enjoy below features after Max Payne 1 download.

Engaging Game Plot.
Improved graphics.
Slow Motion Events.
Special Action Moves.
Bullet Replay.
Game SFX Music
Chapter by Chapter Game Story.
Interaction with Objects.
Medikit to enhance player performance.

System Requirements For Max Payne 1

Before starting Max Payne 1 Download, you should read minimum system requirements.

Operating System: Windows XP, 7 or Windows 8
Memory: 128 MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
Processor: 1 Ghz


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